Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Update

Hi Stampers,

I feel so bad that I can't blog more often, but family comes first.  Today I'd like to just give you a little family updated. 

Tuesday my oldest child, Blake starts kindergarten.  He is so very excited and LOVES his Scooby Doo Lunch box. . . it's the Mystery Machine, and it is pretty awesome.  It does not seem possible that he is going to be in grade school.  I'm sure before I know it he'll be entering his senior year. . . . sniff . . . sniff! I better get started on those scrapbooks for his graduation open house. LOL!

Little Miss Callie Ann is now 14 months old and into EVERYTHING!!!  She also LOVES to climb.  It is a daily event to take her down from the dinning room table, as she's pulled out a chair and is standing on the table.  I did bring up a little tykes slide, in hopes of turning all of her attention to climbing on that.  Sometimes it works, and other times the table is where you'll find her.

Just this past week I took the kids to Niabi Zoo for the morning.  We had a nice cool day for it and the animals were out and the lions were roaring!  Here are a few of pictures from our outting!

I have exciting news!!!  Next February Callie Ann will no longer be the baby of the family. . . #3 is due February 15th!  There are LOTS of things that we need to get figured out before then. . . but I keep telling myself we have time. :o)

Thanks for taking time to read about my children. . . Rocky and I think they are pretty special!

~ Georgia

P.S.  As you can see from my post a couple of days ago I'm starting a Marker Club, let me know if you are interested.  I also have plans to start a scrapbook club,  which will meet once a month at my home to make a two page 12x12 layout.  Details will follow soon!

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Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing.