Friday, January 28, 2011

Inside View of SU!

Hi Stampers,

Today I'd like to share with you some pictures from Stampin' Up!'s Facebook page.

"With the amount of products flying off the shelves during Sale-A-Bration, we thought you might like an inside view of what happens on our end when you place an order.

After we get your order, the proper box is selected and a unique bar code is placed in the corner. That bar code tells the box where to go as it travels through the Distribution Center.

Your box’s first stop is along the Pick Line. Based on the information on your bar code, lights on the shelves tell pickers which and how many items go in each box.

After your box is loaded, weighed, and inspected for quality, it travels uphill to the packing area. The shipping label is applied, filler is added to keep things from moving around during shipping, and a fancy tape machine seals everything up.

After everything is labeled and sealed, your box travels back downstairs where it's loaded onto one of those beautiful brown trucks for delivery right to you!"
When I went to convention I was able to tour the facility. If you ever get to Riverton, Utah you'll want to stop by and check it out.  I'm not sure how much they'll show you, but they do have some they share.
Thanks for stopping by!

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