Monday, February 22, 2010

Rag Quilt Purse


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OK onto today's share.

I am so very excited to share with you a project I just finished last night.  It's my first Rag Quilt Purse with the Scallop Square die and I'm sure it won't be my last.  In fact I just went to JoAnn's yesterday and purchased some more fabric to make another bag. :o)

Isn't it so cute!!!

To make your own Rag Quilt Purse you'll need the Big Shot, Cutting Pads and Scallop Square Die.  For my project I only used two patterns of fabric plus a solid for the handles and closing strap.

First you'll want to cut out a bunch of fabric scallop squares. . . 38 to be exact using your Big Shot and Scallop Square Die.

You'll also cut 19 squares of batting (3-1/4 x 3-1/4) You will use 2 scallop squares and sandwich the batting inside.

Then take it to your sewing machine and stitch from corner to corner so you make an X.  If you look close you'll see my X in the picture below.

When you're done with your scallop squares you'll have a total of 19 "finished" squares. 

You'll want to lay your scallop squares out so that you can see how the pattern will layout.  Here I just did an alternating pattern.

After you have the scallops where you want them you'll sew them together making sure to leave your scallops on the outside.  You could also make a purse or a bag and put the scallops on the inside. . . it just all depends how you want your project to look.

Here's what my project looked like after I had all of my Scallop Squares stitched together. . . notice my "seams" are on the outside of my project.

The next step (and the step I didn't want to do it) was to make the handles and the closing strap.  The reason why I wasn't thrilled about doing them was having to stitch straight. (ick!)  You see with the Rag Quilt Purse you don't really have to worry about stitching straight because all of your "seams" are on the outside, so it hides your lines.  But with the handles and closing strap it's pretty noticeable especially when you pick a solid fabric like I did.

First I cut out my straps. . .  finished side is 1 x 24, but fabric was 2-1/4 x 24 and the closing strap was 1/2 x 12 but fabric was 2 x 12.  After putting a strip of batting (3/4 x 24) in each of the handles I tucked the excess fabric in (using lots of pins).  Then I took to my sewing machine and went very slow!!!

After I got my handles and closing strap stitched I stuck them into the top of my purse and stitched around the whole top taking care to backstitch over the handles and closing strap for extra support.  Before you stitch the top shut you'll want to sew your button on the front so that you can make sure your closing strap is the correct length.

You can always "dress-up" the outside of your purse by adding a quilted flower. . . here's my flower.

I almost forgot to mention after you have your project all put together go around and snip all of the scallops so that it will fray and look more like a Rag Quilt. . . you can even through it in the washing machine to speed up the frayed process.

OK  - Finally here is my finished project!!!  I'm not 100% sure if the flower will stay on or stay where it is. . . what's your opinion???  Keep it on, take it off, or move it and where?)

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed the project today!

- Georgia


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Britni :) said...

Love it! said...

Very Cute! The Flower really adds a lot to it.

TrueNorthRanch said...

I love these purses but in trying to do it with the die cut I find it is really difficult to sew as they really should be straight edges and doing it with this die cut will not hold the seam well. I have made several of them and am switching back to the plain old cutting a square. I wish it would work better with the die as it is so much faster. just a note.