Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pink Rag Quilt Purses

Hi Stampers!

As promised today I'd like to share with you three Rag Quilt Purses I made.  All three purses used the same fabric, but in a different way.  I also made a matching flower pin that you can put on the purse or on your coat. 

As I mention yesterday I am getting a head start with making items for the Fall Craft Shows I participate in.  One of the items I knew I wanted to add to my booth are these cute purses, but with the baby on the way I wasn't sure how much free time I'd have when it came down to "crunch time". :o)

You'll notice that the flower is in a different square in each picture. . . as I mention above the flower is on a pin, so that you can move it to where you want it.  Below are picture of just the flower and the purse without a flower on it.

If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these cute purses they are for sale now!  Cost is $30 and that includes the removable flower.  Click HERE to view all of the purses I have done and for sale!

If none of these are your style I also can make you a custom purse. . just call (343-9356) or e-mail me ( if you'd like one.  I plan on continuing to make purses, as time permits, now and after the baby comes . . when I get them done I'll share them my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Extra Picture!

I just had to share this purse with you incase you don't click over the to purse page. . . you can get to the purse page by clicking the link above, or the link on the right side of this page, which can be found above the summer mini catalog!

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