Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Craft Show Craziness!!!

OMGoodness!!!  That's what you would say if you walking into my house right now.  You see I have projects going on everywhere, plus the house work is getting put on the back burner right now.

Let me "paint" you a picture into my Fall Craft Show Craziness.  As you walk in though my front door you'll notice a table 2 feet by 4 feet parked in front of the South couch covered with frap. bottles, labels, candy and all of the paper, adhesives and punches need to complete that project.  Under that table you'll see a Target sack with trash from this and other projects that came before, which I need to take outside because today is our garbage day.

As you look onto the other couch you'll find another work in progress.  100 scallop squares waiting to be cut apart and pined so that I can finish the last 5 Rag Quilt Purses I want to make before the show on Saturday.  I was hoping Rocky would cut these apart tonight while he was watching a Hawaii 50 on tivo, but no such luck.

Walking through the maze of Callie Ann's bouncer chair, swing and exercise saucer and a few of Blake's toys towards the dinning you'll find the ironing board shoved between Blake's table and a laundry basket of blankets I just folded a few minutes ago and you'll find the dinning room table. . . although you can't actually see the table you'll know it's there because I really can't pile things up that high. :o)

The dinning room has been transformed into my sewing room, so that I can be closer to the family as I work.  Beside the sewing machine, you'll find a cutting board, cutting ruler as well as a couple of rotary blades, fabric, batting and a Big Shot.  I'm sure everyone keeps the Big Shot on a chair in their dinning room . . .right?  That's where mine is. :o)  Also on the table you'll see 6 purses waiting for buttons and their flowers to be attached as well as a huge catchall pile for everything else that comes into the house.  In front of the China hutch you'll find Stampin' Up! boxes all packed and ready to go to the show on Saturday. 

Walking through the kitchen, with the sinks overflowing with clean dishes (I just finished those at midnight) you'll find the bathroom, where 59 tiles waiting to be washed so they can be stamped on to make coasters.  As you're in the bathroom you'll hear the dryer running in the basement as Blake was out of socks and he needs a pair for school in the morning then you finally get to my "actual" stamp room.

Ideally this is where everything for all of my projects would be stored, but that's simply not the case as you can tell from the paragraphs above. :o) On the desk you will find another project . . . a shoe box full of cello bags stuffed with Snowman Soup.  I just need to make the topper and they can be put in the box in the dinning room.  You'll also find some fabric Build-a-bears iron-ons and a couple more things I'd like to do, but I'm thinking not everything is going to get done.  What do you think??

There you have it . . . a look into my craziness.  Right now I think it's bedtime. . . after all it is 1:15am and Callie Ann often is up at 4am to eat and Blake's up anywhere between 6:30 and 8am to start his day.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

Craziness for sure. Hang in there!

Marcia said...

That makes me tired just reading through your madness!!!!