Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Shot Swap!

Hi Stampers!

Today is the final day of our little vacation, and I'm so ready to be home . . . so that I can relax! Sometimes vacations are so stressful!!!

Yesterday we had a lazy day . . . they guys went golfing, while the ladies and kids stayed back. . . . the kids colored t-shirts and then we went shopping.

When we got back everyone went to the pool, and I stayed back at the campground to STAMP!!! I got 32 swap cards made. What do you think . . . there's a lot of supplies cut below!!! When I'm doing a project where I know that I'm making many of the same one I like to cut all of my pieces first, so that I just have to assemble the cards.

And here's my swap card!

After making Taco Pie in our Dutch Ovens went went for a little drive and stopped at the fire station for a tour.

Monticello, Indiana has 4000 calls a year! That's A LOT!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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