Sunday, August 15, 2010

Build-a-Bear Onesies & Stamp Fair

Hi Stampers,

Don't you just love the Build-a-Bear dies!!!  I think they rock and now that I have a girl I am really having lots of fun with making little girl bears.  :o)

As you know yesterday was the stamp fair I have been talking about it for a month or so.  The groovy theme was so much fun. . . here are a few pictures.  I didn't get as many as I had liked, but I do have a few to share.

Here I am in my groovy outfit. . . to decorate my apron I used the pennant die and some groovy material. . . and see that Onesie I'm holding. . . I made that using my Build-a-Bear dies and Big Shot I had a lot of fun making some onesies to have on display.

Here's a close up of the bear.

But wait . . . I have a couple more to share with you today.  With Halloween just around the corner I made a onesie for Callie Ann to wear. . . now I need to make another bear and put it on a shirt, as Blake wants one too. :o)

And this last onesie is the one I am the most excited about. . . I used the pennant die to make a "skirt" around the bottom.  I can't wait to get Callie Ann in this onesie.  However, it will be a few months as it was a 9 month onesie.

I really LOVE this die . . . don't you?

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy your Sunday!

BTW - here are a couple of pictures of the demonstrations.

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