Friday, November 13, 2009

Cute & Cuddly Card

Hi Stampers,

UPDATE 2pm: I just check the SU website and I'm unable to share with you the information I posted this AM.  Since I didn't attend to do anything wrong and to keep within the rules I have removed the portion of today's post that released information about the new products.  Check back on 12/1 when I can official release that information to you.

**Content removed to keep within Stampin' Up!'s regulations.***

And speaking of New Things. . . . SU isn't the only one with a new addition coming in 2010. . . . yes that's right Rocky and I will have a new addition of our own . . . May 30th is the due date, but if it's anything like our first child we will be well into June before the baby comes out. :o)

And since we're on the subject of babies I'd like to share a baby card today.  It uses the stamp set Cute & Cuddly and it's from the SU website, so I can't take credit for the creations.  I would have liked to have time to stamp a card to share with you, but with the craft show tomorrow there was just no time to fit that in.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  Don't forget to stop by and see me tomorrow in Alpha, IL at the Alwood Grade School Craft Show. . . 8am-2pm!


Anonymous said...

WOW congratulations so that makes you like 11 weeks you've been holding out on us well I am so excited for you. Jessica

Ellie said...

Wow Georgia, that is fantastic news for you and your family. Blake is going to love being the big brother!

And some really exciting Stampin Up news too!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I so didnt expect to read that!! So very excited for you!! Tianna

Becky said...

Good news all the way around. I can hardly wait for the new Grand Kid and New Stamps. :0) Mom

Marcia said...

How wonderful!!! I knew this would happen-May is a wonderful month to have a baby-Can't wait to here what Blake has to say about it!!!!Congrats to you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Georgia and Rocky!! A new little one will be so much fun at card club!!

Anonymous said...

Georgia, that last comment was from me....I'm such a dork! TARA